Nightmare Moon Told by [RETRACTED]Edit

This story was told by [RETRACTED] near the replica of SCP-007 placed by MTF "Stone Movers" when SCP-007 was moved to it's current facility for storage.

Transcript of the story told by [RETRACTED]Edit

[RETRACTED]: Gather round and very soon you will hear the tale of Night Mare Moon.

Listen close my little dears, and I'll tell you where you got your fears of Nightmare Night, so dark and scary. Of Night Mare Moon, who makes you wary.

(everypony gasps at a fake image of Night Mare Moon appears)

Every year, we put on a disguise, to save ourselves, from her searching eyes.

(fillies scream when they see an evilly grinning face)

But Night Mare Moon wants just one thing. To gobble up ponies in one quick swing.

[RETRACTED] backs into [RETRACTED] and they both scream)

Hungrily, she soars the sky. If she sees nopony, she passes by. So if she comes and all is clear, Equestria is safe another year!

[RETRACTED] in pirate costume: Uh, Miss [RETRACTED], if we wear costumes to hide from NightMare Moon, so she won't gobble us up, how come we still need to give her some of our candy?

[RETRACTED]: A perfect question, my little friend. For Night Mare Moon you must not offend. Fill up her belly with a treat or two, so she won't return to come eat you!'