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image of SCP-005-C-H comparing to SCP-005-C



Changelings are the minions of their leader Queen Chrysalis (human).

They have a human-like appearance along with insect features.

They change their appearance to match that of ponies/humans.

They have sheer insect-like wings, fangs, horns used for magic, and holes in their legs.

Feeding HabitsEdit

They will feed any love emotion in a radius of 150 feet from SCP-005-C-H.

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

All SCP-005-C-H are now to be put under SCP-005-H's command in Hanger ## at Site 005.

No personnel is to be within 150 hooves of this hanger without permission from the site manageress.

All SCP-005-C-H that have been given D-Class duties will be wearing a green jumpsuit with "SCP-005-C-H-D" on the back.

SCP-005-C-H-D are to be picked up by MV-22 'Osprey' to Site 30. They are under NO circumstances to be taken to any other Foundation site.


We have found that SCP-005-C bug spray has no effect on SCP-005-C-H but traditional projectile methods still work though but they'll be a bit more "holy" after termination - Dr Sparkle.

Oh for Celestia's sake, no puns in addenda! what have you been told about that! - "Pony Dragon"

Dr. Malikov has put forth a request for use of SCP-005-C-H instances as a replacement for D-Class subjects.

"This is beneficial to keep their numbers down." - Dr. Malikov - Site-30

"Pony Dragon" 's response to Dr. Malikov's requestEdit

Would you like to put 'your' children in D-class?

Why am I asking this?

Well, SCP-005-C-H is technically SCP-005-H's children.

How would you feel is your children were used in experiments without your permission?

Have you got any sense of moral standards?

Yes they are a humanoid form of SCP-005-C and classed as "pests" but still feels "wrong" to use them as D-class.

I could have a word with SCP-005-H and see what she says.

Result of Discussion with SCP-005-H with Pony DragonEdit

See document [RETRACTED]


"I would like to point out that the interview between you and SCP-005-H was a complete waist of our time and possibly your time as well.

Now look, I know you lot are 'all soft' and whatever over there but here getting friendly with an SCP can demote you. Be aware of what the [REDACTED] your doing next time and don't waste mine."

Dr. Malikov - Site-30

Post Read ReadEdit

I didn't think that interview wasn't a complete waist of time.

She seems determined to stick to our agreement and has been very co-op with it. - Pony Dragon


"Very well then, as I said before it's wasting my time. Just bear in mind though she could just be manipulating you all so keep your guards up."

Dr. Malikov - Site-30

Reply replyEdit

"We have been working with SCP-005 and SCP-005-H for ## years. We know all her tricks.

Anyway all site 005 personel has been 'programed' not to feel any love near her hanger or the 'N0-L0V3' containment zone." - Site 005 mangeress

"All SCP-005-C-H-D will be injected with bio markers before being loaded for transport." - Pony Dragon