Item: SCP-010 

Class: Safe/KETER

Clearance level: Overseer


SCP-010 is a cyber pony built by the SCP Foundation.

Her tail is her data cable. (Do not undo the bolted tail clip)

Her job is data storage and transport. The entire SCP database in stored in her memory.

Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-010 is to be kept under armed guard at all time while walking outside SCP facilities due to the classified data she carries.

Inside the facilities, she is to be allowed access to all facility mainframes and facilities.

She has Overseer clearance.

Current assignmentsEdit

Site 30 - Torchwood Backup database

Site RF - Facility A.I



SCP-010 is not happy that SCP-732-P got away with screwing around with Site RF's mainframe.

It's going to take her weeks to fix it.

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