Item #: SCP-012

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-012 is to be kept in a darkened room at all times.

If the object is exposed to light or seen by personnel using a light frequency other than infrared, remove personnel for mental health screening and immediate physical.

Object is to be encased in an iron-shielded box, suspended from the ceiling with a minimum clearance of 2.5 m (8 ft) from the floor, walls, and any openings.


SCP-012 was retrieved by [RETRACTED] during the renovation of [RETRACTED] theater destroyed in Incident TOH-1.

The object, a piece of handwritten musical score entitled [RETRACTED] written by [RETRACTED] Ingram, part of a larger set of sheet music for a TV Show, appears to be incomplete.

The red/black ink, first thought to be some form of berry or natural dye ink, was later found to be pony blood from multiple subjects.

The first personnel to locate the sheet (Site ## Special Salvage) had two (2) members descend into insanity, attempting to use their own blood to finish the composition, ultimately resulting in massive blood loss and internal trauma.

Following initial investigations, multiple test subjects were allowed access to the score.

In every case, the subjects mutilated themselves in order to use their own blood to finish the piece, resulting in subsequent symptoms of psychosis and massive trauma.

Those subjects who managed to finish a section of the piece immediately committed suicide, declaring the piece to be "impossible to complete".


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