Wearing jacket

Photo from Personnel files

Item: SCP-018 AKA "Flower Pie"


Secutity clearance: 4


SCP-018 is a relation of [DATA XPONGED] and [DATA XSPONGED].

She has the ablity to talk to animals and plants.

She has been invaulable in analizing SCP-2008 and helping Doctor Malikov find a cure.

She keeps a stock of SCP-2008-E cure in her office. She has named the cure "Anti Joke".

She is the Element of Kindness of SCP-022.

Containment ProceduresEdit

She is to be issued with an office in the the bio sector of site ## where she studies SCP-2008

She is allowed to keep pets and walk around the facility at her lesiure.


SCP-018 and SCP-003-P keep in touch with each other to exchange tips and general subjects.

"Dr sparkle is not to know SCP-018's phone number at any cost" - Torchwood -5