Item: SCP-019-1 
SCP-019-1 sign

SCP-019-1 storage sign



SCP-019-1 is a high intensity "BASS CANNON" developed by SCP-019 to literally "DROP THE BASS ON YOUR [DATA XSPONGED]!"

This SCP puts out a highly focused blue beam made of pure bass and magical energy that can destroy anything it's shot at.

Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-019-1 is to be kept on SCP-019's possession at all times when required for breach events.

When not needed, SCP-019-1 is to be kept in SCP-019's containment chamber.


SCP-019 has redone his quarters secuity protocols due to the theft of SCP-019-1 by Dr. Sparkle from his quarters and using it, she caused Incident 13455-1300M at Site RF.


See testing log: SCP-019-1-EL

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