Item: SCP-023
Scp-023 SIGN

Chamber Signage

Object Class: Euclid

Facility: Site ##, Crystal Empire


SCP-023 is a crystal flugelhorn from the Crystal Empire engraved with a raincloud on it.

When blown, crystal rainclouds will form and crystal rain will fall; which is harmless to anypony.

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-023 is to be kept on a crystal pedestal with this notice on it:

Warning for SCP-023

Warning Sign

SCP-023 is not to be taken off its pedestal without authorization from Torchwood-5 or "Pony Dragon"

SCP-023's pedestal is equipped with a weight sensor calibrated to SCP-023's exact weight by the nano-gram to prevent theft.

Also a CCTV camera is in every corner of the containment area and outside the access door to the storage area.

Level 5 clearance is required to access storage area.


"Oooooooooo, shiny...., I wonder what will happen if I blow it..." - Dr. Sparkle

"You know what happens when you blow it. You smashed up my Mane 6 glass statues with the resulting effect you b*tch!" - Torchwood-1