In the film, [RETRACTED] AKA "The Heavy" was eating a SCP-082 contaminated sandwich and got effected by it.

The entire incident was caught by a film crew filming a documentry called [RETRACTED]
Heavy's Accident (SFM)01:06

Heavy's Accident (SFM)

Incident H34VY-4CC1D3N7

The medic was an undercover SCP Agent who recognized the symptoms Stage 2 of SCP-082 and told the heavy "you have zirty(30) zeconds to live!".

The heavy caused a lot of trouble before eventually expiring.

Afermath of incident SCP-082-H3AVY-4CC1D3N7Edit

The heavy's body was collected and incerrated.

All who saw this incident was given a class A athesmic.

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