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SCP-2001 in the Site-██ breakroom

Special Containment Procedures: Edit

Subject us currently under guardian supervision of Torchwood-5 and must be under guard at all times.

Should subject enter a Beta phase transformation, Protocol Zeta-3 must be initiated (see Document Protocol Zeta-3).

Description: Edit

SCP-2001 (Tahlia ███████) is a sixteen (16) year old girl approximately 1.6 meters in height and ██ kilograms in weight. She responds mainly to her own name and barely acknowledges her SCP designation but is sometimes tricked into responding. SCP-2001s anomalous properties come from the factor leading to her immunity to certain SCPs, what causes this is unknown.

At current (

██/██/13) SCP-2001 has tested negative to the effects and properties of over ███ SCPs but limited to the effects of certain others (View test log-2001).

SCP-2001 also has the ability to manipulate objects with her mind. Through further testing Doctor Malikov has confirmed that this power is not telekinesis but rather a much more deadly ‘strain’ of the ability using the subject’s emotional thoughts for energy.

At random intervals, SCP-2001 will undergo a severe and externally dangerous transformation becoming SCP-2001-B (being SCP-2001-A in her normal state). The details are outlined below.

Transformation Stages


It is not known how SCP-2001 enters her Beta stage transformation, only the symptoms are currently known. During this transformation, SCP-2001 will experience a sudden but slight headache, after which she will begin to feel faint and eventually collapse entering a comatose like state.

After this has occurred either one of two events will occur;

[See Document SCP-2001-A]

Emergency Procedures: Protocol Zeta-3

[SEE Emergency Document Protocol Zeta-3 for emergency Procedures]

Experiment Logs

See :SCP-2001-EL


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