The data in file was corrupted by an unknown source... Recovery is on going.

Incident 1 :Edit

Object saw SCP -049 . After that he got mental fury kill a man . The entity was able to escape from the cell and attack the guard [ zredagoano ] .

He stuck his neck from the moment an object called SCP-2012- 1, which  stood up like a normal person and began to run toward another guard.

We managed to kill SCP-2012-1 .

Incident 2Edit

SCP-2012 PRZE passed his cell wall. How did he do THAT? With the touch of his hoof and touched the wall and made a hole. The property went into the wild until you can find it in the chamber inaccessible to people with barrels of light-emitting material. Property eat caustic barrels and did not pay attention to people when they do not escape and attack just looking substance was frequently caught.