I'm getting nightmares near SCP-709's container, What shall I do? Edit

So you're getting nightmares?

Ask yourself these questions:Edit

Section 1:Edit

  1. have you recently been near SCP-709's container? (If no, then proceed to section 2)
  2. When did you first start to notice the nightmares?
  3. Is SCP-709 in any of them?
  4. Did the nightmares stop when you left SCP-709's range?

Section 2:Edit

  1. Did you have a bad (Shellfish name here)?
  2. Did something happen that's so bad it made you dream about it?
  3. Were you attacked by SCP-682-P?
  4. Other: Please write on the lines below:




If yes to 3 or more questions in section 1! what shall I do?Edit

  1. Don't panic.
  2. Report this to a higher clearance personel.

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